Choose What Colors Go With Red In Fashion

Are you a slave to fahion? If you are, we are sure that you cannot ignore red color for the reason that it is one color making you dress to kill the most effectively. How to mix clothes, hair, shoes and accessories in red is just as easy as a childplay.

This article is going to tell you the colors that go with red and give you tips to mix and match your fashion items to become more fashionable.


Colors That Go With Red Hair

Nowadays, hair dying is the up – to – the – minute trend for almost everyone, regardless of ages and genders. Even babies can have their hair dyed. With true red, you can make lots of shades for hair dye. True red can be used but you will find it more difficult to mix your hair in that color and other items.

Here are sevearl tones in red copper series for dying hair:
  • Copper violet chestnut: red, purple and yellow brown
  • Light copper violet chestnut: lighter than the previous tone but gloosier
  • Light red copper chestnut: red, brown, yellow
  • Dark copper violet brown: much red and purple
  • Dark red copper blonde: more yellow
  • Red copper blonde
  • Light red copper blonde
  • Copper violet brown

This red copper series is suitable for dying your hair and you will look attractive to other people at their first sight. Howeve, what colors go with red hair? Now, let’s see how you can mix and match with your hair.

• Black Color

Black is the color of mystery while white symbolizes innocence and freshness. Red goes with both black and white. If you wear a long black dress or black jeans, your red hair will be put to the maximum of attraction. It means that you will be a star of the night party.

• White Color

If you are in white, everybody will look at your red hair. Your white clothes will be a great backround to make red outstanding. Therefore, you can choose white dress or white T- shirts and shoes.

Colors Go With Red Dress

Red dress is the illustration of sexy ladies or female stars on the red carpet of every show. If your skin is white and smooth, it will be an awesome idea to select a red wedding dress with the rose shaping.

That’s simple to combine with red dress for the night. You only need to tie your hair to reveal your white skin and put on a pair of black high heels, which will make your appearance eye – catching and excellent.

Mix Shirts And Red Fashion For Men

Red suits and pants are popular for men, which make them younger. For formal cases, black is used the most but for shows or just outdoor activities or going out, red pants are of the most favor.

It is easy to mix red pants with shirts or T- shirts. White color is the best choice to make red pants impressive. If you wear white shirt and red pants for your friends’s wedding parties, a red tie is indispensable and it helps you a lot in making you more mature.

In addition, for daily activities, red shorts and colored cotton T- shirts are the best match. Red fashion enables you to hide your body weaknesses if you know the colors that go with redin fashion.

Bottom Line

Red is popularly used in fashion designing and mixing. It is not difficult for you to mix this color with others as the instructions discussed above. The next article will post more details about red and how to make red your daily used color.