Brown Eye Color And Its Best Things To Know

Eye color that we see every day is determined by two different factors: the natural segment of the eye and light scattering to the irises. It is like a polygenic character. Due to the frequent dependence on the light, eye color varies, out of which brown eye color is of the most popularity.

In this article, we will provide the all the basic theories about this eye color so that you can comprehend your own eyes as well as prevent unexpected eye diseases if any.


​1. Brown Eye Color Meaning

​Compared with other eye colors, brown is the most prevalent. Accordingly, the majority of the world population has brown eye color and it accounts for 55 percent. One point you can easily see is that almost all Asian people are brown – eyed and some regions in Europe are, too. Therefore, it is regarded as the dominant generic trait due to the presence of melanin.

​More specific, melanin in the eye makes the brown eye color turn up. The amount of melanin determines the lightness or darkness of your eyes. If the amount of melanin in your eyes is large then your eyes are dark brown and vice versa.

​Unlike hazel eye color (can be seen as an eye pigmentation), brown eye pigment is able to help avoid some cancers for your eyes. With the absence of this pigment, your eyes may have to suffer from melanoma cancer.

​Furthermore, with the lack of melanin, the eye color can turn blue (weak blue). This evidence is proved by using a laser to eliminate a small amount of brown pigment. The result is clear that the eye color turns from brown to blue quickly.

​We can claim that brown eye coloris absolutely safe. We can see brown eyes in most of Asian and African persons. For Asian people, the eyes are darker brown and this is one feature of people in these countries.

​It is easy to understand because brown eye color is the inherited genetic from parents to offspring. The brown eye color gene dominates while blue or green color gene is just recessive. That is the reason why more people have brown eyes.

​2. Facts About Brown Eye Color

​Almost all people know that brown eyes are the most common but there are still lots of interesting facts about this eye color that you haven’t known, In this part, what is the most realistic about brown eyes will be revealed.


  • Brown eye color is the most common but less favored (favored eye color: hazel, blue or green eye color)
  • Brown eye color shows the most normal health status of those who possess it
  • Light brown color makes your eyes look weaker
  • Two eyes have different brown lightness (left eye is darker brown)
  • The high concentration of melanin in the iris stroma leads to the expression of brown eyes
  • Brown eye color is the main pigment causing to other eye colors like amber or hazel (depending on the concentration and the amount of melanin)
  • The iris of brown eye is often large
  • It is the most difficult to change the color of brown eyes as it is dominant trait
  • People that have brown eyes have good eye – immune system
  • People who have brown eyes often have brown eyebrow and hair

These are some interestingbrown eye color facts which you cannot have discovered. Looking at the point 2 for more details, it means brown eye color is not a phenomenon of pigmentation caprice. By contrast, hazel eye color is a type of pigmentation whimsy. The normal eye color keeps your health good, particularly your eye health.

3. Brown Eye Color Chart

In fact, brown color itself has a lot of shades, including coffee, mocha, carob, wood, pecan, cinnamon, brunette or syrup, as bellows.


However, for brown eye color, there are just some and they are not pure, in fact. Brown eye colors consist of amber, chestnut, chocolate, cognac, honey, nut brown and russet. Of course, these colors are not called true brown but the brown pigment still surpasses.

The chocolate brown color gains more popularity so it’s easy to find a person with this eye color. Amber can be arranged into other eye color but it still derives from brown pigment. Cognac, chestnut and honey are the three colors belonging to hazel eyes with more brown pigment.

Knowing the brown color chart for eyes help you have a deeper understanding about your brown pigment. If you have special interest in shade different from yours then there will have methods to help you with that.

However, you ought to remember that changing eye color from brown to others your eye health may suffer from deterioration and be more sensitive to the changes of the weather condition. For example, your eyes will be swelling whenever it grabs dust on the road after changing eye color. Therefore, it is better to keep the original brown eye color and changing with eye lens.


4. People with brown eyes

Through eyes the characteristics of a person can be revealed easily. As said, the brown eye color is the most popular so do people with these eyes have the most common characteristics? Let’s see what characteristics people with brown eyes possess.

• Love Peace And Get Away From Conflicts

These people are the kind that hates conflicts and arguments with no end. For their cases, they make every effort to soothe their aggressive conversation, instead of trying to win others.

They love peace so they tend to orientate others into their way. These people often have a heart of gold. They are willing to give up their own demands for the general atmosphere.

• They Are Good Listeners

Always listening and understanding what others are saying are also a characteristic of people with brown eye color. Therefore, they spend a lot of time being with their friends, family and even strangers. This is a characteristic that not many people can possess even by practicing.

• They Are Bookworms

Always listening and understanding what others are saying are also a characteristic of people with brown eye color. Therefore, they spend a lot of time being with their friends, family and even strangers. This is a characteristic that not many people can possess even by practicing.

• They Are Bookworms

Almost all brown – eyed people are bookaholics and they can read all day and night to dig deeper in what they are concerned about. You can see that the majority authors have brown eyes. Language, literature and arts are their favorite fields.

• They Are Faithful

Brown – eyed persons have loyal and are extremely reliable. You can put all your trust in these people, regardless of whether you are their friends, business partners or lovers.

Whenever they feel that you are losing your belief in them, they will right away do their best to change your mind. In other words, they are the best for your life partners.

In addition, if you want them to keep secrets, nothing will be revealed from them as they always keep their promise. Everything will be hidden if you want.

• Reversed But Friendly

Brown – eyed people are not outgoing on the grounds that they are not a big fan of parties or noisy activities. Their life is inclined to what belongs to inner feeling.

However, it does not mean that they are reserved all the time and do not want to talk to people. People with brown eyes are very friendly and they treat others well from the bottom of their heart.

• They Have A Transcendental Memory

A lot of people have a memory like a sieve but those with brown eye color have a transcendental memory. They catch the ideas faster if the images are shown in front of their eyes.


Brown – eyed people have a really good short – term memory. If you show them a process of making cake within just some second then they can bear it in their minds and respond you with the full stages.

• They Are Intelligent And Have Logical Thinking

It is claimed that brown – eyed people are of the most intelligent. They always think logically to chain every event to come to a conclusion. You will not be able to find any flaw in their logic stream.

5. Makeup For Brown Eyes

It is not a task of challenge to make up brown eyes but it is really a hard nut to crack to make your brown eyes impressive. The reason is that the brown color is a dark tone while almost everyone wants to make it bright.

Here, we are giving you several tips to have a perfect makeup for brown eyes.

• Emphasize Eyelash And Make It Darker

As you can probably guess, brown is quite dark so if you find it difficult to change to a brighter makeup style then making it darker is the best solution.Here, what you need are eye – makeup powder with 3 brown eye color shades, mascara and an eyeliner.

The eyeshadow makes your eyes deeper so try to make perfect shapes on your eyes. The mascara should help prolong your eyelash. After all, drawing a line for the eyelid is enough.

• Change To The Blue Tone

Changing to the blue tone is a great idea if you want to make it easier to mix and match with your dresses. Blue eye makeup is well – liked but it’s not simple as the first step choosing the blue tone may challenge you.


You will need blue and white eyeshadow. The white powder is used near the tear duct while blue shadow is used to cover the eyeball and the blue shade is darker to the end of the eye. Prolong your eyelash with mascara is enough.

• Trim Your Eyebrow

To make the brown eyes more attractive, it is advisable to trim your eyebrow. Everyone will see your eyeball clearly with the eyeshadow covered on it. Making the eyebrow flat or rise a little bit in the end is good.

6. Mixed Brown Eye Colors

Mixed brown eye colors are listed above like nut brown, russet or chocolate. These three colors are not called hazel or pigmentation caprice. They’re still the brown eyes.

The chocolate is the most transparent while the nut brown is mono brown. To put it another word, nut brown color is true brown. Russet eye color has some red pigment in the iris and that looks bright in the dark but quite horrible.

7. Change Brown Eye Color?

The brown eyes are the most common but are not the most attractive. According to some surveys, the attraction level of brown eye color is just 6 percent while the most attractive eye color accounts of 21 percent (green).

For this reason, brown eye color is changed. To change the eye color permanently, making an eye surgery is the only method for you and it ensures safety for your eyes. Nowadays, with modern devices and cutting – edge medical technology, eye surgery leaves nearly no inside changes for people. Most brown – eyed people with the demand of changing eye color wants to possess blue eyes.


Another case is changing brown eye color into honey color. Accordingly, the material required is honey. The formula is simple to make. You just need some drop of warm water and 1 – 2 drops of honey. Stir them and then drop it into your eyes.

Do it every morning after getting up and in the evening before going to bed and see the result after 2 weeks. You dark brown eyes will have honey – color and it even changes brighter if you continue to follow this method.

However, for each method, you may have to pay the price. It is advisable to ask your doctor about your own method before you conduct it.

8. Celebrities With Brown Eyes

Female celebrities with brown eyes are all talented. They also have sexy body shapes and attractive faces. Here are some names of brown – eyed celebrities: Brigitte Bardot, Cindy Crawford, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis and Penélop Cruz.

These celebrities also have featured characteristics of brown – eyed people. They are intelligent and become success stories when they are still very young.

Bottom Line

Possessing brown eyes is normal and it means that you belong to the majority in the world that has the most common characteristics. That helps you integrate into the world easily. Certainly, you will be confident enough to differentiate brown eyes with other eye colors with the information in this article. Besides, it will be far easier for you to guess the characteristics of someone who has this eye color.