What Is Indigo Color And Its Best Feature?

People often talk about primary colors like red and yellow or some prevalent tones they see on a regular basis such as green or orange. Indigo seems to gain less popularity but it turns up everywhere, particularly as an attractive light to people’s eyes.


Not many individuals do research on indigo color while it hides a number of outstanding features. Indigo is famous in art field. More specific, it itself contributes a lot to the success of dye and nail industry. In this article, we are about to introduce to you about indigo color meaning and its best characteristics as well as application.

​What Is Indigo Color?

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Indigo color has been known as a part of the rainbow spectrum. It’s also a color of the light, ranging from 440 to 420 nanometer and standing between blue and purple. Similar to the orange, the name “indigo” derives from nature that it is nearly as the same as tannin from leaves or tree barks to dye clothes.

​Indigo is neither a primary nor a complementary color. The least basic reason is that when Newton divided the light spectrum into 7 parts, including indigo to make it suitable with the 7 planets, 7 days in a week and 7 music notes.

​In fact, people’s eyes are not sensitive enough with indigo light so many of them find it difficult to differentiate this color with blue and purple.

Best Features Of Indigo Color

​The meanings of indigo color are still a mystery. Now, see what this color features.

​1. The Color Of Care

​In reality, indigo illustrates your care for your friends. It is not acrimonious like blue or sharp as purple. It indicates balance in every relationship. Therefore, if you wish to show your heart of gold to someone, it’s great to think of a gift in indigo.

​2. The Color Of Intuition

​The intuition always goes with us when we tend to make appraisal for someone. The indigo color stimulates exact intuition, which helps you make sense of everything more objective and apprehend others deeper. It also creates a sense that your prediction is true.

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​3. The Color Of Introspection

​Introspection means your self – analysis for your own mental and emotional processes. It can be regarded as the observation for your thinking stream when you meditate so what indigo can help you?

​Indigo color helps you boost your own concentration during your meditation or introspection and you will feel like you are flying out of the universe. This color also tells you that it’s time for you to make your future plans and projects.

4. The Color Of Greatest Personalities

​There has no color as great as indigo since it is the symbol of the greatest personalities of one individual. If you are a big fan indigo then you are reliable, workaholic and willing to fight for the rights of human beings if it is reasonable.

​According surveys, those who love indigo color often possess characteristics of a success story. In other word, they bring up dreams and are determined to attain their objectives. Eventually, almost all of them are said to be successful.

​Indigo In Dye And Nail Industry

​• In Dye Industry

​Firstly, indigo is the right color to start the history of dying colors for dye industry. Indigo aniline or dye is powder easy to be recognized. The main chemical ingredient is called indigotine. Ancient people used to make use of natural indigo dye from some plants as well as 2 sea snails (Hexaplex trunculus and haustellum brandaris). However, nowadays, dying powder is made by synthetic methods.

​Indigo dye is for dying jeans and denim shirts. The indigo color for dying is from nature, from tropical regions. Currently, people utilize natural indigo color in dying and printing industry.

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​• In Nail Industry

​In nail industry, indigo color is well – loved by dint of its luxurious segment and easy to combine with fashion items. With indigo nail gels, you can add a transparent layer to make your nails lustrous.

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​Indigo just goes into our life in this way. We sometimes do not recognize something important in our life while it appears almost everywhere we go. That’s like indigo. We expect to bring you with further useful information about this color.

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