Knowing What Colors Make Green And Using Green Practical Life

One thing we cannot deny is that green is one of the most popular colors used for decorating thanks to its great tone and shades. The evidence is that you can see a number of houses painted with green. In fact, green is not an available color so you need to know what colors make green as well as adjust its tone and shade. Today, your questions about making green will be answered in details.


1. How To Make Green Color

​Well, it is not a task of challenge for each of us to prepare things and tools to produce green color. With simple materials such as waxen, paint, any colored liquid and play – doh, it is likely that you will create different green in lightness.

​​The simple formula to generate green is to blend blue and yellow. Please bear this in mind if you want to make perfect green. It is clear that yellow has a brighter tone than blue so it’s easy to understand that yellow makes blue fade and change the color of blue. Vice versa, blue is darker than yellow and it makes yellow come to green by increasing its tone.

​With the material above, you can absolutely see the differences in green made by each one. For example, green from waxen looks brighter and much more natural for the reason that the waxen is also created from natural materials. This green is light and beautiful.

​Differently, green paint looks less bright but more artistic because it is utilized the most in decorating and designing. When you blend blue and yellow paint with each other, you can see the green line very clearly and it belongs to art.

​With play – doh (or clay), the green looks darker because the original material contains dark segment in clay. About other liquid, you can do an experiment with juice and see how green made looks.

​2. Easy Way To Adjust Green Shades

​As above, you know what two colors to make green but the important thing is to divide the ratio of yellow so that you can adjust its shades. Undoubtedly, ratio of yellow and blue determines how green will look. Therefore, it is essential for you to apprehend green shades to adjust the amount of each element color. Here is a list of green shades.

  • Army green, asparagus, emerald, fern, forest green
  • Harlequin, hunter green, jade, Kelly green, lime
  • Sea green, spring green, teal
  • Mint, moss, olive, pine green, shamrock

Besides you can consult in a list of green shades that are used in drawing as bellows.

  • Sap green, Cobolt green, Winsor green, Hookers green
  • Ovide of Chareavin, Green gold, Viridior green

The ratio of yellow and blue depends on what shade you are demand for. It is advisable to rely on the green shades board and follow the ration of each shade to make green.

​3. Green In Practical Life

​You probably know that green symbolizes freshness and nature so it turns up the most in the places that have trees or where people want to make it natural. You can catch green almost everywhere as it is also the color of leaves.

​In our life, green illustrates the safety of food so the dish – bowl set for displaying is often painted with green. Green cakes look also safer than red or blue ones. Thus, you can select green trays and dishes for your kids instead of those in other colors.


​Green is easy to make and applied much in our life. You can select one ratio or mix with your own ratio to make green to paint your things. Understand more about ratio of what colors make green will be helpful for you in terms of choosing house utensils.