8 Interesting Facts About Hazel Eye Color You Should Know

People’s eyes themselves have special secrets to discover. In fact, there are about 7 eye colors which are both nature and dependent on the dispersal of the light that goes straight to the eyes.

Out of all the eye colors, hazel eyecolor is quite special because its color is mixed and can vary regularly. That’s mysterious so now let’s see how interesting hazel eyes are and what are hidden behind this eye color.


​1. What Are Hazel Eyes?

​Well, first of all, we would like to dig deeper in hazel eyes definition. Hazel color is not similar to other specific ones such as brown, eye, red or blue. Hazel is the combination of blue and gold or brown and green. This color has lighter shade than standard brown.

​If you have hazel eyes, don’t be afraid as your eyes are semi – rare so they make you more attractive. As said in the opening, hazel color is lighter than brown and the fact says that it is a recessive color. The brown eyes account for the most percentage and surpass any other eye color but hazel color seems to be more eye – catchy and easier to create a perfect makeup for you.

​2. What Causes Hazel Eyes?

​There are a lot of causes to hazel eye color. Almost all people claim that hazel eyes are the inherited genes from their parents. Nonetheless, that theory is not absolutely trustworthy for the reason that the color of our eyes also depends on light dispersal.

​To be exact, people with hazel eyes are suffering from heterochromia, as known as a type of pigmentation. Some people have the expression of heterochromia in their irises while others have hair or skin pigmentation. This characteristic is due to the lack or redundancy of melanin (a kind of dark brown or black segment).

​Eye pigmentation (or heterochromia iridium) has two forms. One is total pigmentation and the other is partially pigmentation and hazel eye belongs to the former.

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​The hazel color looks different from a true brown or blue or green. It’s easy to recognize and that is the consequence of heterochromia iridium so do hazel eyes have unexpected impacts on people’s health?

​The eyes with mono color like brown and blue are comparatively strong but hazel eyes are weaker. As explained above, hazel color is caused due to the imbalance in the amount of melanin. Therefore, the eyes are not as strong as the normal condition.

​More specific, hazel eyes are quite sensitive to undesirable effects of the sunlight such as too shining lights and even the lack of lightness outside. More seriously, the eyes lacking melanin or exceeding melanin often go with ocular cancer that is dangerous to your “soul window”.

​Of course, not many people have to suffer from this condition. In general, almost all people who have hazel eye color are still strong and their eyes are in good conditions. However, if you have hazel eyes, please remember to wear sunglasses and equip your eyes with protection in order to prevent the bad impact of the sunlight.

​3. Can Hazel Eyes Be Changed Into Other Color?

​Well, it is absolutely possible for an individual to change their eye color. It is easy to understand that with different amount of melanin in your body, the eye color will be changed and that’s too for changing hazel eye color.

​In fact, if you want to change the eye color, you can consult in one specific menu for this. There are some kinds of food that can help change the hazel color such as honey, spinach, fish, olive oil, chrysanthemum tea, onion, chestnut and meat. Of course, it is compulsory to follow a fixed menu for at least 2 months.

​Some other people want to change their eye colors within a short period of time without being dependent on the food so they choose to see a doctor and have medical minor surgery to change the color of their eyes.

​However, with hazel eyes, you will be shining so still keep your eye color unchanged. For this situation, changing the color is much more complicated and sophisticated on the grounds that the color is special and it is not equal for two eyes to some extents.

​In fact, having hazel eyes means you suffer from more eye risks than other people so changing this color can cause unexpected consequences. In addition, lots of people want to change their original eye color into hazel.

​4. People Who Have Hazel Eyes

​In the world, the hazel eye percentage is about 21. Interestingly, brilliant celebrities have this eye color such as David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Harrison Ford.

​Things about hazel eyes are often much more complicated but impressive and so are people who have these eyes. They have special characteristics. It is said that we can catch one’s idea or understand how other people are feeling through their eyes but it seems to be not easy to guess what a hazel – eyed person is thinking about. They have some characteristics like the follows.

​• Totally Independent

​Almost all people that possess hazel eyes are in their youngest period so they wish to conquer everything on their own. That’s why they tend to be independent. Counting on parents or friends is not their style.

​Nevertheless, these people often have to hear assessments from others about their eye color. That’s still fine for them.

​• Willing To Take Risk

​Hazel – eyed people really love taking risks. They nurture their own dreams and have specific objectives to reach. Therefore, they are willing to take and deal with risks in their way to success. As you see, lots of famous stars have hazel eye color and they have experienced difficulties before reaching the zenith of success.

​• Much Sensitive

​A featuring characteristic of people with hazel eyes is that they are too sensitive to everything that they get angry easily and also become impulsive in several cases.

​It’s easy to understand why they are so sensitive. Clearly, when we have face – to – face conversation with someone, we usually look at their eyes. If we look at someone that possesses hazel eyes, they may feel unconfident about their eye color even though we just want to get eye contact.

​• Outstanding In Art Field

​Hazel – eyed people are really brilliant and they can put their potential to maximum and put their name on the golden record of any competition. Take Jenifer Lopez as an example of people with hazel eyes. There seem to have nothing to touch her singing talent and she’s got fame of an A – grade star in the billboard.

​5. Natural Changes Of Hazel Eyes

​According to the science, our eyes can change their original color for some seconds when the light conditions change. That’s too for hazel eye color. The hazel color will change its own intensity when it turns brighter or darker or even your emotion.

​In general, there is a wide variety of factors that can have influences on the intensity of hazel eye color, including the sunlight, your health status and your emotion. When the intensity changes the hazel color can be turned into light blue, the color of seaweed and grey green. Here is more interpretation about factors causing changes in hazel color.

​• The Light Condition

​The lightness by time of the day is the main factor that affects the intensity of hazel color. When you open your eyes, the irises will receive sunlight through the solar spectrum. In the spectrum, the segments are different so they have different influences on the color of your eyes.

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​• The Segment Around You

​Everything colored around you has a strong impact on your hazel eye color. All the colors around you will reflect themselves to your eyes and can change the color of your irises.

​For example, you are wearing a red dress then then that red color reflects to your eyes so you have a red – hazel eye color. It means, your eyes are dyed with some red segment. That’s too for other reflection.

​• Makeup Layer

​You can try making up your hazel eyes and it’s possible for you to change the eye color with a pair of eye lens. In addition, it is great to draw a black or dark blue eye line then add some sparkling yellow powder for eyeshadows. All the powder colors and the eye lines also reflect themselves to your irises.

​• Seasonal Allergies

​Seasonal allergies or any allergies can change the hazel eye color into red (the most common). Take onion allergy as an instance. When you slice some onions, the onion scent will shock your eyes and your eye color turns red as it is spicy.

​• Using Drugs

​Drugs, additives and alcohol make the hazel color change in its intensity. However, these changes are just normal and have no bad impact for your eye health.

​• Your Emotion

​Whether you are happy or sad will surely affect your eye color. If you burst into tears, for example, your eyes produce tears and that causes tiredness as well as pain in your eyes, which make the hazel color change.

​6. Compare Hazel Eyes With Brown Eyes

​It is very easy to recognize brown and hazel eyes. To put it another way, you will find it simple to distinguish between brown and hazel color. Just look at yourselves in a mirror then focus on one iris.

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​The brown eyes are transparent. The outer round embracing the brown iris is black and it can be either thin or thick, depending on each individual. However, hazel color does not look like monochrome. Looking at a hazel eye, you may see several colors. It can be brown, green or blue and gold.

​There are several hazel colors and each show several colors which are combined together. Some has hazel eye color like fire while some has the eye color of a tiger’s. If the yellow segment occupies a large amount, the hazel color will turn gold or fire.

​7. Why Are Hazel Eyes Favored?

​Hazel eyes are well – loved by young generations now thanks to its special features and attractive irises. Furthermore, seeing people with monochromatic eye color seems to be uninteresting so lots of people tend to change their eye colors into hazel so that they can satisfy the visual demand of others.

​One more interesting idea is that hazel – eyed individuals are usually more outstanding in the crowds so almost everyone wants them to be these persons despite knowing it depends on their own characteristics.

​The last explanation is that making up a hazel eye brings lots of fun and your eyes will be impressive with the eyeshadow. Some people let the colors of their eyes different. That can be also called hazel eyes.

​8. Tips For Make Up For Hazel Eyes

​Many people ask us about beautiful hazel eye makeupwith eyeshadows and here are some tips for you.

  • Prepare simply
  • Draw thick lines
  • Let your lips pale
  • Use less powder for checks and noses

For making up your hazel eyes, you only need to prepare simple cosmetics, including mascara, an eyeliner and a small tube of eyeshadow. You can imitate making up videos on the internet to do it better.

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You had better focus on your hazel eyes rather than faces and lips. Your natural eyes are attractive and you just make it more impressive. Remember to draw thick eye lines for the top lid and bottom lid. Then use pale or nude tone for your lips. That’s enough for making your hazel eyes up.

Bottom Line

In spite of differences from other eyes, hazel eyes are still called our “soul window”, helps observe everything around us and helps understand other people. Hazel color is special and can help you stand out in the crowds if you need. We hope that the information in this article will bring you a completed vision about hazel eye color.