Red Stripe Presents The Makers of Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival is once again upon us this August, and after the olympics passing by and making London a nice place to be again this years carnival is set to be the best ever. Celebrating this years Carnival Red Stripe has got together with Pennie Smith to create an amazing set of Photographs of all of the Carnivals makers! Well be heading down on the day to celebrate with Red Stripe so make sure you wave and come give us hugs and dances.

Make with a Red Stripe will hero the true creators behind Notting Hill Carnival THE talents who bring one of the world’s most famous events to life. It documents these people through beautiful content, engaging the public before, during and after NHC, encouraging them to ‘Celebrate the Makers’ of their own weekend.

The legendary photographer Pennie Smith has shot incredible portraits with each Maker including:

1. MICK JOHNSON, POLICE COMMANDER. MAKER OF CARNIVAL SINCE 1980. Mick is Carnival’s longest serving copper. He’s witnessed an amazing and intense 32 years of Carnival’s sights, sounds and steel drums. His passion for the community is so strong, he describes it as “a part of, not apart from”. Raise a glass to Mick if you see him, for its his last ever Carnival.

2. LOUISE FORSTER, LONDON SCHOOL OF SAMBA. MAKER OF CARNIVAL SINCE 2009. Project manager Louise and her team organise the school’s Carnival float and performance despite not having an office to work in. Arranging the production keeps busy bee Louise rushing around all year, often pulling all-nighters for the samba cause.

3. ADRIAN LUCKIE, MAMA’S JERK CHICKEN STATION. MAKER OF CARNIVAL SINCE 2010. Adrian’s stall, the famous ‘Mama’s Jerk Chicken Station’ still uses his Jamaican Great-grandmother’s secret recipe, passed down for generations. Adrian loves Carnival, has been coming since he was 16 and is extremely proud he’s able to share his heritage and roots through Mama Charlotte’s delicious recipes.

4. BERT CLEMENT, TFL STATION SUPERVISOR. MAKER OF CARNIVAL SINCE 1993. Caribbean born Bert is as passionate about Carnival now as when he first started working at Westbourne Park station nearly two decades ago. Mild-mannered Bert describes Carnival as “Life. Where people come together to live.” And the party starts when he opens up a special staircase only used during Carnival.

5. PHIL LEGG, OPEN HOUSE / FUTUREPROOF SOUND SYSTEM. MAKER OF CARNIVAL SINCE 2003. Musician, producer, promoter and Carnival ledge, Phil has lived around Notting Hill nearly 30 years. Phil loves Carnival so much that every year he opens up his house to revelers and the Futureproof Sound System plays tunes out of his living room windows. Check out his garden, Lilly Allen once played there.

6. LIONEL MCCALMAN, NOSTAGLIA STEEL BAND LEADER. MAKER OF CARNIVAL SINCE 1988. Lionel leads the Nostalgia Steel Band, the UK’s original ‘traditional’ steel band founded in 1964, and Carnival regulars since 1969. To Lionel, Carnival is all about coming together to celebrate different cultures in a “two-day fantasy where people can step out of reality.” And if Lionel looks familiar, it’s because he was leading the band at the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

7. ROSARIA GRACIA, DANCER/CHOREOGRAPHER. MAKER OF CARNIVAL SINCE 2000. Whilst Spaniard Rosario has samba-ed, rumba-ed and foxtrotted her way around the world, Carnival will always hold a special place in her heart. The light and love, cultural diversity, and playfulness are what Rosario loves most about Carnival. “Nothing is weird. It’s where the weird becomes the norm.”

8. NORMAN JAY MBE, DJ. MAKER OF CARNIVAL SINCE 1982. This year marks an amazing 31st Carnival for the legendary DJ and his famous ‘Good Times’ sound system. “It’s the most important gig for me because it’s a shared cultural experience where everyone is welcome.” Laid-back and modest despite enormous worldwide success, ‘Good Times’ has become a mini-carnival itself, attracting an estimated 15,000 revelers a day. Total legend.