|Preview| Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott Roundhouse Mid ‘Handcuffs’

Jeremy Scott continues to push the boundaries of the kick game and this time round its not about having an animal for a tongue or being fly but its about remaining grounded. He has attached handcuff which can be wrapped around your ankle to the old school Adidas Roundhouse Mid. He hasnt changed much in terms of the colourway however, he has changed the colourway of the tongue; the only major difference is the handcuff honestly.
It is said that Jeremy will be taking on the theme of S&M for his footwear range this Fall/Winter and theres more of this to come later on in the year. A release date hasnt been stamped just yet, but in due time youll be able to grab yourself a pair.

I actually quite like these even with the ridiculous hand cuff attached to the back of the sneaker. It is the material used for the sneaker that puts me off, the suede is just off putting. I wouldnt purchase these my self however, even if they were leather Jeremy Scotts clothing/footwear is known to be overpriced!


August 12th, 2012
$350 (£225)