Illegal Downloading Vs Itunes

Illegal downloading could be kept to a minimal. If music was made available to download online, on the same day the song is first heard in a country. After hearing Cheryl Cole’s ‘Call my name,’ on May 2nd, I raved all the way to ITunes only to find out; it’s not available to download until the 10th of June.  How can they expect us to wait, when man has created all these technological advances to then deny us of the perks? We no longer live in the times when we had to exit our homes, to go to the CD stores to buy the newest single. And even then they were better organized, and more efficient with release dates because they had to be due to shipments and so forth.

Nowadays artists are releasing numerous songs, and making videos to songs we can never get a hold of unless done illegally. A perfect example is The Cataracs’s song ‘Club Love,’ which they released a music video for back in 2009, and yet the song is still not available on ITunes in 2012. Once the music industry, and radio pluggers start communicating properly, and the wait is no longer than 1 week for release, I’m 100% sure the illegal downloads will decrease considerably. As a loyal music fan, I get all my music off lTunes, because a song that is worth having is worth paying for, and it avoids you finding random songs you hate on your MP3. So dear music industry, from all of us who love music, we kindly ask you to get you’re sh*t together, so we can give you and your artists the money, you so rightfully deserve for all your hard work, or you can just continue letting your money get robbed. It’s your choice, but don’t be surprised when everyone turns to the dark side. At least now after waiting over a month, I can now download ‘Call my name,’ so excuse me while I throw my hands in the air, and wave them like I just don’t care.

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