|Music Review| Das Racist Relax

I dont know how to review music.  Its harder than reviewing anything.

With a show, for example, you can be like, this is that story and I can compare it to this and its better than X but not as good as Y or

Maybe I do know how to review music.

Das Racist (made up of rappers Himanshu Heems Suri, Victor Kool AD Vazquez and hypeman Ashok Dapwell Kondabulu) released two mixtapes in 2010 ostensibly albums, because there was like one song where its another beat, from Madvillany (Americas Most Blunted). The first mixtape Shut Up, Dude was rather good, after you got over the joke rap insta-label your brain slaps on with songs like Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell or I Dont Owe Nobody Shit. Its an effective introduction to their MO: reference-heavy, devil-may-care skillful rap over distinctly pop-y/electronic beats.

Also, like the best of TV, they developed a kind of rapport with the audience by introducing certain things about themselves that you could find familiar later on. Stuff like them being fans of fake patois (in a song titled, Fake Patois), Rozay-esque ad-libs or their apparent distaste for traditional hooks (which, as far as I remember, were almost non-existent on the first mixtape).

Sit Down, Man was, most people agree, a step up in quality. Thats about all Ican say, it was just better. Heems, the younger, less experienced rapper of the two, improved remarkably. Kool AD continued to be excellent. Go check the Rap Genius entry for You Can Sell Anything.

One of the things that initially put me off Das Racist was The Based God effect (note: Ive never listened to a Lil B song in full; he might be cool but his fans put me way off). I mean to say that the internet love for him seemed 100% ironic, and I didnt like the idea of liking something as personal as music without really liking it. Also there was the impression that you were being made fun of by the artist, which is never a nice feeling. DR seemed to straddle this line between IDGAF and actually maybe I kinda do. Everything that makes their music funny is just an exagerrated version of what makes music in general funny. Its hard to describe, but their proficiency at being facetious or at least appearing to not take themselves seriously is so great that they become credible artists through the level of professionalism it would take to achieve such a thing.

Amongst by the humour and production is emotion. Thats what Relax (out now!) is to me, at its best. The title track, Michael Jackson, Brand New Dance, Middle of the Cake, Girl, Shut Up, Man, Happy Rappy, Booty in the Air, Power, Punjabi Song, Selena, Rainbow in the Dark, The Trick and Celebration are all standouts (even though every track is outstanding to me because Ive been listening for over a week and its at that stage of nothing can dethrone this album).

When I first listen to anything, I dont really concentrate, it just kinda washes over me. Which is part of why I dont like reviewing things, because it almost makes it less to deconstruct it. If you enjoy something, thats that, ideally nothing else should harm that.

This is how Id try to explain why I say stuff like this album is better than Watch the Throne it feels like more than rap. Theres a lot of things that sound like something else, but when they dont sound quite like anything else thats a lot more rewarding, I think. Its like what Louie is to television (BTW, go watch Louie now).