The First Color Movie And Secrets About Colors You Need To Know

Colors are utilized in varieties of fields and we can see colors everywhere around us. However, not many people pay heed to them in order to make a perfect project like decorating, designing and even making first color movie.

​Instead, they combine colors or use them indiscriminately. Understand the reasons, in this article we intend to bring to you the least basic theory about colors and one corner is for how the color movie was born.


The First World Color Movie

A lot of secrets about color movie still remain hidden and nearly no one in this modern time wants to dig it again. Understand about this also helps you enlarge your knowledge about both color aspect and movie field.


The earliest footage named Kinemacolor made in the year 1909 has still gone into oblivion. It was left in an old metal box more than one hundred years ago before was found out by Michael Harvey.

Let us go into details about the footage. It recorded the image of children of Turner family, parading soldiers, a bird and a baby girl being swung. This is the experimental film of Edward Raymond Turner – the inventor of the color movie.

The inventor Turner registered the copyright for this first color movie on 22nd March 1899. However, he could not make his work go further and then he died in 1903 of a heartbreak.

Then, this idea was developed by National Media Museum in the United Kingdom, with the support of Frederick Marshall Lee. It also gained success in the field of commerce when the film producer George Albert Smith cooperated with the Museum.

This is a short story about the color movie of the world. Nowadays, this film genre has been developed and become a success story of human kinds. One special thing is that instead of black and white films, color light was brought to make all the characters and the sceneries impressive and attractive. This is an important application of color in terms of movie development.

3 Most Important Color Factors

To produce such a color movie, the inventor had to do researches about colors and how to bring them to his film. To make it simple, in this part, we will tell you more about the most important points. There are 3 factors that need to be cared as bellows.

  • Tone: the range of color shades when you add some white or black
  • Optical level: the brightness and darkness of one color
  • Intensity: the weakness and strength of each color (felt by your emotion)

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the larger amount of white you add, the brighter the color is and the weaker its intensity becomes.

​Distinguish Colors

​Colors will be in pair or distinguished by their intensity and tone. Here, we introduce to you some groups of colors.

​• Contrasting Colors

​As the name, contrasting colors are pairs of colors standing opposite each other. We have three pairs: yellow – purple, red – green and blue – orange.

​• Hot And Cold Colors

​Hot colors often arouse the warmness for your sight such as yellow, yellow orange, orange, red orange and red. By contrast, cold colors help boost the coolness such as yellow green, blue green, green, blue purple, purple and red purple.

​• Neutral Colors

​Neutral colors are the combination of black and white. This combination produces gray that does not belong to either hot or cold colors. However, there are several ways to make gray like:

  • Mix white and black
  • Mix yellow and purple (contrasting purple)
  • Mix 3 basic colors (red, blue and yellow)

Meanings Of Colors

​Our life is vivid, created by all the colors but each has one memorable meaning. We sometimes cannot explain the reason why the bride should wear white wedding dress or why the warning signs are painted with red. Now, let’s search for the reasons by learning the meanings of each color.

​• Blue Color

​Blue color is the illustration of peace, intelligence and protection. In terms of positive side, researches prove that if students have a chance to get access to blue color before taking the exams, they will do a better job and get better results.

​However, if you are surrounded by too much blue, you will feel a great sense of coldness or cold welcome. Therefore, be sure that when you make use of blue, you had better have a balance with it.

​• Green Color

​As you can probably guess, green is the symbol of nature, balance and wealth. Green color is often used to decorate bedrooms for the reason that this color creates the feeling of softness and comfort. This color can help chivy nightmares.

​Nonetheless, if you get access to green for too long, the jealousy will be kept in your mind for long. For those who are worried about their sleeping, what colors to mix to make suitable bedrooms.

​• Yellow Color

​Yellow means energy, good mood and concentration. Yellow is considered the best for classes and meetings since it is able to arouse our confidence and optimism hidden inside.

​Nevertheless, you should note that too much yellow will cause strains and worries. That’s why you had better avoid yellow in your bedroom or your baby’s room.

​• Orange Color

​Orange symbolizes association and warmness. Orange is usually used in gym room or fashion retailers on the grounds that orange can put thoughts into action.

​However, in the United States, the orange has a negative meaning because it makes people think of the color of prisoners’ clothes. Besides, this color is the main tone of Halloween.

​• Red Color

​Red is of the most prevalence so it is easy to guess the meanings of red. On the one hand, it illustrates passion, love and adventure. In the positive side, red color arouses the passion and motivation in each individual. It also symbolizes fire in love. In addition, red color is used by many food brands such as Coca Cola or KFC. It proves that red can stimulate our appetize.

​On the other hand, red reminds people of danger. Besides, for some reasons, many people become more aggressive when driving red cars.


​Knowing the meanings and principles to combine colors with each other will help you a lot in your daily life, in almost all aspects, including decorating, art, producing first color movie (in the past) and making attractive advertisement. Only with some details and tips for colors using, are you able to perfect your own plans related to colors. In the next articles, we will share with you more useful details about colors in general and each one in particular.